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MYOB Keyborad Shortcuts

As a Bookkeeper I find it very helpful to use the keyboard shortcuts rather than a mouse all the time, as it is speeds up my work. I have come across many bookkeepers including my own staff that are most of the times unaware of these shortcuts and find it very helpful once they get into the practice of using MYOB keyboard shortcuts than a mouse.

Here is a list of MYOB keyboard shortcuts, all tried and tested by myself over the years. It find it helpful to print it and keep it on my work desk so that it’s in my sight when I am working. A word document is available on my Linkedin profile (see Contact Us page) right at the bottom of the page to download and print.

* File menu shortcuts * Sales
New: CTRL+N Command Centre: CTRL+3
Open: CTRL+O Enter Invoices: CTRL+J
Print: CTRL+P Receive Payments: CTRL+B
* Edit menu shortcuts * Time Billing
Copy: CTRL+C Command Centre: CTRL+4
Cut: CTRL+X  
Paste: CTRL+V * Purchases
Recap Transaction: CTRL+R Command Centre: CTRL+5
Select All: CTRL+A Enter Purchases: CTRL+E
Select from List: CTRL+L Pay Bills: CTRL+ M
Undo: CTRL+Z  
* Command Centre shortcuts * Payroll
* All Command Centres Command Centre: CTRL+6
To Do List: CTRL+T * Inventory
Find Transactions: CTRL+Y Command Centre: CTRL+7
* Accounts * Card File
Command Centre: CTRL+1 Command Centre: CTRL+8
Record Journal Entry: CTRL+G Cards List: CTRL+F
*Banking * Reports Menu
Command Centre: CTRL+2 Index to Reports: CTRL+I
Recieve Money: CTRL+D *Help Menu Shortcuts
Spend Money: CTRL+H MYOB Help: F1

*In MAC – substitute the CTRL key with the CMD or Apple Symbol Key.


adobe MYOB Keyboard Shortcuts

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