As a Melbourne Bookkeeper, I come across clients every now and then who are curious about Cloud Accounting but are reluctant to change. We are establsihed cloud accounting package providers based in Lynbrook.In this article I have tried to explain the benefits of Cloud Accounting over the traditional Desktop Accounting programs.

Cloud Accounting efficiently offers its users with similar features as programs like MYOB and QuickBooks in terms of invoicing, purchasing, payroll, inventory etc. It also provides additional features such as access to real time information such as cash flow by live Bank Feeds, online invoicing etc. As cloud accounting uses the internet, it can be used from any computer around the world with an internet connection. The users are not just stuck with the computer that has the software installed on it and access to the information is lot more easier when on the move with the introductions of Apps for the latest smart phones and tablets. However for cloud accounting to operate efficiently the consumer would need to have a relatively speedy and reliable internet access.

The two most widely used Cloud Accounting systems in Australia are SAASU and XERO.

Company information is available to you, your bookkeeper and accountant anywhere in the office, home or on the go, as its all browser based. You are able to run reports and get a better understanding of where your business stands at any point of time. You are able to export the reports into a spreadsheet if required like the other Accounting systems. It eliminates the need of sending the paperwork and company files back and forth to your bookkeeper and accountant. Both these programs enable to email out the invoices, payslips, purchase orders etc and well as print them. The templates for various forms such as invoices, payslips, customer statements are also customizable.

You don't need to worry about the backups or the security of the data. The ease of getting access to the business financials is one of the best features Cloud Accounting services offers.

Business Owners have the peace of mind realizing the information is secure and always backed up. It also reduces the IT costs of the businesses as they don't need to invest in licenses for an additional employee to access the company file and don't have to pay the yearly membership to keep up with the latest tax tables. The pricing of these two Cloud Accounting systems is a monthly subscriptions split into few levels based on the requirements of the business.

All charges feature a free trial offer and the opportunity to terminate at any time. Unlimited users are permitted, along with great customer service and support. Monthly pricing for SAASU and XERO is available on their websites on the following links respectively is available at and

One advantage SAASU offers is the fact that any new upgrades including the updated tax tables are totally free and are automatically integrated. I also personally like the inventory feature of SAASU better.

We at Bookkeeping Service and Tax Accountants Cranbourne with our vast range of experience can help you with any kind of accounting programs be it MYOB, QuickBooks or Cloud Accounting. If you are unsure about which accounting program would suit your requirements, get in touch for a free consultation and we can evaluate your requirements and recommend the suitable accounting system.
For business owners we provide a variety of expert services ranging from standard bookkeeping and accounting, tax planning, preparation and lodgement, restructures, company financial's cash flow and budgeting.

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Friday, 17 April 2015 04:59

XERO Payroll Update

Xero now enables to lodge Payment summary annual reports online with the tax office. Every employer needs to lodge this report with the tax office each year, either via paper form, ATO portal or electronic media storage device such as USB or disks.

This report provides details of the gross wages paid to the employees and tax withheld. You will need an Auskey to lodge this report via Xero.

This is one of my favourite updates as it makes it a very smooth process to create the payment summaries and send the EMDUPE files to the tax office in one go.

HS Bookkeeping Service provides bookkeeping & taxation services in Dandenong and SE Melbourne.

Contact us today on 1300 664 796 to find out more about out Bookkeeper Dandenong services.

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Friday, 17 April 2015 04:56

Xero Payroll

Xero's built-in, super-simple payroll will save you time, energy and pressure.

Xero’s monthly subscription levels are based on the number of current employees per month.

Xero work on a paycycle “calendar” philosophy. It understands which fortnight/week/month pay period was completed previous and is aware of when the subsequent period will run. Nonetheless provides the client the opportunity to operate an “unscheduled” pay run beyond the regular pay run schedule.

Xero will also tax a staff accordingly throughout an unscheduled pay run if they have previously been paid in that pay period.

Xero has lots of additional features such you can lodge the TFN declaration forms to the ATO direct from within this program. Personnel have access to their very own, personal employee portal. There they are able to get a hold of prior years’ payment summaries, pay slips and lodge leave requests while not having to get hold of the bookkeeper or boss directly.

Superannuation payments and withholding tax updates are automated, along with a particular portal that provides you with an entire overview of the payroll as well as the leave. “Xero Large membership” incorporates an automatic superannuation payment method where it merely requires a mouse click and get Xero to automatically report to all super funds for all of your staff.

Payroll operates in so effectively with Xero and is fully integrated and a part of the regular Xero subscription.

Contact us today on 1300 664 796 for further information about our Xero and our Cranbourne Bookkeeper & Accountant Services.

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Xero is an online accounting program. It enables you and your accountancy firm to operate on a single data file. You are able to import most of the data into Xero directly from the bank, and with a little bit of setup it can be pre-coded and reconciled. This liberates you to focus on your business, instead of concentrating on data entry. We don’t just highly recommend Xero to the clients but also use it ourselves - meaning we understand how it functions and the ways to get the best from it.

We are a Xero Certified Partner and we will help you transition to Xero, and then deliver training and continuing assistance. It is the greatest and also the simplest changeover phase from the manual accounting procedure to this modern day accounting solution.

We can provide you with a set fixed monthly price that provides you with all the tax, accounting and bookkeeping or a standalone service as required by you, plus the Xero monthly charges, all included into one regular fixed payment.

Moving across to Xero is fairly easy, contact us on 1300 664 796 to find out how we can help.

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Friday, 17 April 2015 04:54

Xero Bookkeeping

Xero is an award winning online accounting system that puts small business owners back in control. Xero gives small business and their advisors easy access to bank transactions, invoices, reports - anytime and anywhere. It not only enables business owners to access their accounts in real time, at any time and from anywhere around the world. This software is available on Internet access via your smartphones, tablets and other mobile technologies.

With the help of bank feeds, we can get better visibility of the cashflow with real time data. We do not need to install any software or keep backups because it is done automatically.

Cloud accounting is the most secure way to store information. For example, if your laptop gets stolen then no once can access your data because it is not stored on hard drive. Also, In the event of natural disaster, business productivity is not affected because of no downtime, if you have access to internet.

Good thing about Xero is that they offer free trail to the customers so that they can have a look and feel free to try new things on it.

Businesses pay monthly subscription to Xero. As of March 2014, Xero monthly plans starts from $25 and goes up to $80. Most popular plan is worth $60m, where 10GB storage is applicable and function like bank feeds, bank transactions reconciliation, invoices, bills, auto superannuation and multi currency is available

Moving across to Xero is fairly easy, contact us on 1300 664 796 to find out how we can help.

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