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Guidelines to hire a good Bookkeeper

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If you’ve made a decision to contract out your bookkeeping requirements, CONGRATULATIONS! you have identified that you simply cannot do everything. Below are few pointers that will provide a guide to hire a good bookkeeper:

1) Qualification and Experience: In accordance with the Tax Practioners Board, it is mandatory for any one providing a bookkeeping service to complete at least a certificate IV in Bookkeeping or higher. If the bookkeeper does not possess the relevant qualification, then you will be wasting your time, energy and money with them. Also a qualified bookkeeper without any practical experience would be useless, since you will be their Guinea Pig where they will be practicing their knowledge to gain experience and skills within the practical work environment. A good bookkeeper should have the relevant qualification and at least few years experience.

2) BAS Agent : It is essential you make sure your bookkeeper is a registered BAS agent, since this will ensure that the candidate has got the appropriate expertise and qualification.

3) Insurances: According to a new law, it is mandatory that each and every bookkeeper has professional indemnity insurance, ensure you check their insurance policy so that you're not liable for the fines imposed by the ATO for any blunders in your BAS.

4) Basic Knowledge of Your Industry: Ofcourse, you can’t expect the bookkeeper to be an expert in every industry to being with, but it assists when they have an idea of how your industry operates. Figures are dealt with exactly the same in order to get calculations however in some industrial sectors there might be different factors to be aware of which will be useful to your bookkeeper.

5) Attention to Detail: Simply because somebody is a bookkeeper does not necessarily mean they may be always detail-oriented. You certainly do not have enough time to double-check their work so ensure the person you hire is skilled enough to deal with the minor details.

6) Hire A Bookkeeping Firm: A freelance bookkeeper might not always have the time to get things done on the schedule you would like and as per the ATO deadlines. A bookkeeping firm like HS Bookkeeping Service however are going to have number of bookkeepers readily available to manage your requirements and respond to any queries that arise.

7) Flexibility: It’s better to hire a company that provides a flexible service which is customized for your particular requirements rather than off-shelf plans which don't often suit your purposes.

8) Ease of Contact: If you're a business owner who spends most of the working day doing your work then you'll definitely reap the benefits of having the ability to talk to or see your bookkeeper outside work hours.

9) Accounting Softwares: Bookkeeper should be able to understand the modern day business accounting software’s and not the old pen and paper type bookkeeping.

10) Personality: As a business owner, you should be able to communicate with your bookkeeper about any concerns you have, so it's essential that individual is friendly in their attitude and tone. There's no reason working with a bookkeeper with many years of experience if you're discouraged by their attitude.

Additionally you can judge a bookkeeper by the price they are charging, if you're quoted too low, then the bookkeeper does not value their services and you wouldn't want to do business with someone who isn't confident of themselves. If they have quoted you very high then you'll know that they're over charging you, any bookkeeper who is quoting you a reasonable and fair price will be honest, reliable and genuine.

Contact HS Bookkeeping Service today for any or all of your bookkeeping requirements on 1300 664 796 and get your bookkeeping done by the bookkeeping professionals.

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